Some tips to help your Lacrosse game

In lacrosse, it doesn’t matter if you’re not the fastest or strongest player, but with practice and determination your skills will greatly improve and if you apply some of the tips below to your practice then this is destined to happen!

  • Learn to throw and catch with both hands and how to swap hands quickly and effectively. This way, the opposition won’t know which way you’re going and will get confused!
  • Don’t hog the ball. The more time you spend passing to your team mates the better a player you’ll be. This reduces the risk of getting checked by the opposition and losing the ball.
  • Make your passes short and sharp. If you pass to a player at the other end of the pitch, the ball will more than likely be intercepted by the other team.

  • Whenever you have the ball, never stand still. Even if you think you’re running around like a headless chicken, you’re wearing the defender out and have more chance of getting past him.

  • Practice your dodges. If you can get those down to a fine art, you’ll be able to get past any defender.
  • When you scoop up a ground ball, pass it straight away because there will usually be a defender waiting behind you.
  • If you want one of your team mates to pass to you, don’t wait for the ball to come to you, run towards it. This will reduce the chance of the ball being intercepted by the other team.
  • Fake a shot. Pretend to shoot at one point in the goal then shoot in the other, this will confuse the goalie and more than likely score you a goal! This can be done with passes too.
  • Shoot quickly and with force. Even if the goalie looks like he might save it, if it’s hard enough he might miss. But make sure it’s a safe shot.
  • When you’re running with the ball in your stick, keep your body between your stick and the defender. This way the defender will have to reach across you to get the ball, which isn’t legal.
  • Never pass the ball in a panic – it will probably end up going to the other team. Even if you have someone trying to get the ball from you, keep moving, don’t panic and look for a pass.
  • Don’t shoot for the sake of it. If you don’t have a clear shot, pass to someone who does, or dodge the defenders until you do. Don’t just shoot because you’re near the goal – your team won’t thank you for it!
  • Try and make sure that your team always pick up the ground balls. If you see the ball lying there, make sure you know who is going for it and then run as fast as you can to beat the opposition.
  • If you are defending, try and annoy the person with the ball by staying close to him, always trying to check his stick. He’ll soon get fed up and make a mistake if you’re persistent enough.
  • If an attacker is going for goal, try and keep between him and the goal. He can’t shoot through you so he’ll probably miss.
  • The key feature to any lacrosse team, is good communication. All players must keep talking to each other, telling each other who they are marking, where they are going and asking for the ball.