Improving your skills


If you decide to play in an attacking position, you must have excellent stick skills. It is important to play well with either hand and manoeuvre quickly around the goal and around any stubborn defenders. It’s also important to pass accurately to your team mates, to dodge the defenders and of course to have an accurate shot on goal. You must be relatively fast and confident to face any defenders.

A good tip is to work behind the goal as well as in front of it. Defenders don’t often expect this and it makes it easier to get a sneaky shot in. The aim of the an attacker is to dodge, run and pass the ball around until the defence breaks and there is a chance for a shot.


The midfielder is often considered to be the most important position on the lacrosse team. They must be quick, determined and have good stamina. Sometimes, a midfielder is required to play in both attack and defence and can be expected to do a lot of running back and forth!

The midfielders are responsible for one of the most important aspects of the game – transition. Transition involves retrieving ground balls, clearing saved shots and moving the ball from one end of the pitch to the other. Midfielders don’t necessarily have to be good at shooting but they must have an important skill that no other players have – being able to read what will happen next.


Obviously, the job of the defender is to defend the goal – that is, prevent the attackers from scoring. A defender must be quick and have enough stamina to keep up with the attackers. Although speed is important, agility is crucial, knowing which way the attacker will go and most of all to stop them from getting away! Other requisites include good footwork and the ability to apply pressure to the attacker to make them lose the ball or miss their shot. It is important to think quickly and, more importantly, react quickly.