A brief history of the sport

Lacrosse was the first Native American sport and originated in the 15th Century. Early Native American games were traditionally played to solve disputes between tribes and to toughen tribe members in preparation for battle. Each team was made up of between 100 and 1000 tribesmen and they played on a field which stretched from 500 yards to beyond half a mile.

Sometimes the ‘pitch’ was several miles long and had practically no boundaries. The length of the games varied and could last from a few hours to a few days. To score goals, the players had to hit a target, which could have been a large rock or a tree, with a ball made out of anything from wood to deerskin to the head of an enemy!

The game played a significant part in the religious life of these tribes for many years and was originally associated with deep spiritual involvement. Those who won brought a great honour and glory to themselves and their tribe. It was said that the game was played for ‘the pleasure of the Creator’.