Playing Lacrosse in the UK

Getting started

One of the best things about lacrosse is how easy it is to get started. In England, an increasingly popular coaching scheme has been introduced into many primary schools which involves professional coaches, often from Canada and the USA, visiting and teaching Pop Lacrosse to pupils.

The pupils not only have great fun, but also have the opportunity to join a team and enter the annual National Pop Lacrosse Championships, which take place every year in Milton Keynes. Pop lacrosse is a cheap and easy way to get started in playing lacrosse, as all equipment will be provided by the school.

If Pop Lacrosse isn’t the way you want to get started, then there are private clubs scattered throughout the country, which are usually very cheap to join. Most local clubs will provide equipment for the first few sessions but will advise players to buy their own sticks after a few weeks.

These can be as cheap as £15 and easily purchased from certain shops or ordered from the internet – your club will advise you on the best place to go. If you are interested in joining your local club, see the English Lacrosse Association website for more information.

Most private clubs will have separate male and female teams often ranging from under 12s to senior teams, so however old you are, you don’t have an excuse!

To search out clubs near you and find more information, contact the English Lacrosse Association:

Head office
Belle Vue Athletics Centre
Pink Bank Lane
M12 5GL
tel: 0161 2273 626
fax: 0161 2273 625