Equipment used in Lacrosse

  • The ball shall be white, yellow or orange rubber and between 20cm and 20.3cm in circumference.
  • It shall be between 142g and 149g in weight and when dropped onto a hard floor from a height of 1.8m , shall bounce to a height of between 1.1m and 1.3m.
  • The crosse shall be either 101cm to 107cm (short crosse) or 132cm to 182cm long (long crosse).
  • The head of the crosse must measure between 10cm and 25cm inches at its widest point and should be made of wood, laminated wood, plastic or any other material approved by the ELA.
  • The stick of the goal keeper must have an overall length of between 101cm and 182cm, with the head measuring up to 38cm.
  • All players MUST wear protective gloves, suitable boots or shoes and a protective helmet equipped with a face-mask and a chinstrap.