Introduction to Lacrosse

Although most popular in North America and Canada, Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, especially amongst school children. An apt statistic considering, amongst lacrossers, the sport is known as the fastest on two feet and it’s easy to see why. Played on grass or artificial turf, the ten or twelve players (depending whether it is a men’s or women’s team) race around with a netted stick, passing a hard rubber ball between themselves with the aim of getting the ball in one of the nets at each end of the pitch.

It’s not just a sport for world class athletes either. A recent scheme has seen American and Canadian coaches travel round primary schools in the UK, introducing ‘Pop’ lacrosse, a specially adapted version of the game, making it safe and fun for youngsters. And,with an increasing number of private sports clubs introducing it too, there is no reason why people all around the UK from age 6 to 60 shouldn’t start playing the fastest game on two feet!